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This is for those of you who have never had a tattoo.
Click the link to see the step by step process of tattooing.
If you have any questions we encourage you to ask.


This is a Tribal piece custom designed by Jeff for our Client,

She was kind to let us use

her here so that Newbie's can see how it works.

This is the begining of the process,

Once your tattoo has been worked on it becomes red this is

a short term side affect. and will look better.

As you can see from the final picture the redness has gone down.

 Thank you Christina


Here Is Another Step By Step.

This is a Freehand Bio Hazard piece, Our Client got placed on His head.

The Bio Hazard sign was drawn on prior to Tattooing with a Body Marker.

The flame work was done completly freehanded no prior marking on the skin.

Here is a piece that was done on his Friend.

This Baby Dragon was also drawn directly on the skin with a Body Marker.

Thank you both.